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Enviroscreen Services

Enviroscreen provides a range of services to screen and monitor the internal environment of your facility or site.

The monitoring services that we provide include:

              ·   Laboratory Animal Allergen
                  › Static
                  › Personnel
              ·   Microbiology sampling
                  ›  Active air sampling
                  ›  Passive air sampling
                  ›  Microbial monitoring of surfaces and equipment
                  ›  Personnel monitoring
                  ›  Water microbiology
              ·   Microbial identification
              ·   Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
              ·   Airborne moulds
              ·   Air quality management (AQM)
              ·   Consultancy and risk management

We use a wide range of current sampling and analytical methods, incorporating those published by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM).

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Enviroscreen Services

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