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How we operate

We will come and see you to gain a good understanding of your facility and your requirements. We need to know how you work in order to schedule the Enviroscreen services ensuring no disruption to your business.

When we have met you and seen your facility (or a site plan) we will be able to recommend the Enviroscreen service that meets your needs.

Enviroscreen services can be carried out to ascertain the current status of your facility as well as on a regular basis - usually 6 monthly or annually - and should include the following elements:

              ·   Frequency of sampling
              ·   Type of sampling
              ·   Sampling site locations
              ·   Installation map for recording sampling points

When we have completed the services we will produce a report for you detailing our findings and providing advice and recommendations for the future monitoring and allergen reduction in your facility.

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Enviroscreen Services

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